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Marnie Macauley has consulted in a variety of areas, given her background (not to mention her age).


Administrative: For years Marnie Macauley was a top administrator and director in the criminal justice and writing fields. 

* If your agency or company needs some new, creative, cost-effective strategies and ideas;

* If there are issues with on-board staff

* If you’re just starting out and want help not only connecting the dots, but experimenting with new ones ……

Clinical and counseling: Marnie’s had proven success as a counselor, and experience as a graduate-level supervisor for Columbia University School of Social Worker. She can work with you, your staff, and your clients to extend your service and add an elite unique feature to your practice or company.

*If you have a psychiatric practice that focuses primarily on medication—add Marnie Macauley to the mix as an on-going counselor and expand your client reach.

*If you have a related practice or clinic, be it counseling, law, plastic surgery or any other professional office, consider offering Marnie’s counseling services.

*If you run a match making or dating service, a beauty/salon or spa, and would like to expand your client base, my counseling service would offer a unique addition to your business.

Writing, editing, publishing:Whether you want to LEARN to write, your work needs a book or article doctor, or you’re looking to add content to your magazine, book, website, Marnie has done it all. She can:

* offer your magazine or site a new voice in her articles, advice columns, whether secular or Jewish-themed.

* help you write that book you’ve always dreamed of writing.

* teach you how to write non-fiction.

* edit your work.

* ghost write.

Marnie Macauley will be happy to consult with you. To reach her directly, just click  MARNIECONTACT@AOL.COM