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photo credit: Russ Allison Loar via photopin cc

photo credit: Russ Allison Loar via photopin cc

Sometimes you don’t need a shrink, but some good advice! 

All of us are in some kind of relationship, whether it’s with mates, family, children, friends, co-workers. And from time to time, we all feel stuck. Over the years I’ve found that relationships problems generally fall into only three areas.

*getting one

*keeping one

*losing one.

Throughout my years as a syndicated, magazine, TV, radio, and online advice column the hard work is a) defining the real problem; b) getting where you want to go; d) preparing and dealing with the decision.

Sometimes you don’t need a shrink, but some good advice! 



What is a relationship?

Simply, a relationship involves at least two people (OK, yes and animals, too), who are connected by mutual agreement.

Each of us defines “relationship” in our own way. For some the word is reserved for the most intimate people in our lives, while for others, a “relationship” is someone we met last night with whom we felt “a connection.”

As with any emotional connection, “relationships” may be looked in degrees of connection; or how much the association matters to you.

While the basic meaning is simple, defining these degrees can be complex. For example, in theory, your brother, a blood relative, should rank high.

But what if you haven’t spoken to him in years, don’t get along, and you get more support from a neighbor?

So, while “labels” (mom, pop, mate, lover) give us some definition, HOW you interact, communicate, care also must be factored into our personal relationship journey.

Relationships are vital to our well-being. Humans need human content almost as much as air: for love, support, communication, caring.



We all strive for good relationships, regardless of the degree. At the highest levels of intimacy we look for trust, caring, support, communication, affection. Our intimates should “have our back,” be honest and open, and seek to add to our lives. Bad relationships on the other hand which fall into the “labels” category are soul-suckers that can waft around forever, taunting and haunting us, hurting our esteem, and violating our trust.

We all go through hills and canyons in our relationships. That where expert advice can guide you through those rocky roads.

In my columns and articles, I’ve created a new to answer your questions. I’ve promised no psychobabble, so here it is: GETTING IT! YOUR PERSONAL STRATEGY.

Yes, in each answer, you will get custom strategies specific to YOUR situation, without preaching, judgment, jargon or one note generalities.

YOUR PERSONAL STRATEGY is a detailed, step-by step list of advice in clear bulleted style, so you can move forward with a guide.

It’s the truest example o self-help in column format.

ENTER, my friends ………..

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