Relationships: Uncommon Sense For Carbon-Based Bipeds


photo credit: .craig via photopin cc

photo credit: .craig via photopin cc

My friends, after being around almost as long as the Hoover administration, there’s a simple often overlooked observation I’d like to share about advice and relationships.   Contrary to the adage, advice is truly the oldest profession.  When man was roasting tyrannosaurus leg, someone, an elder had to tell young Ug where to find the nasty cave “cave of the night.”


Historically, for thousands of years most survivor information has come from these elders and their common lore advice. (Check out the Zoa tribe – I love these people.)



Whether in caves, tribes, forests, deserts, the street, jungles, malls (ok, I’m being redundant), advice has always belonged to the people. It’s the People’s Language (with no connection to Mao).


Suddenly in the 1950s, in marched the pros.

And when “THE EXPERTS” moved in, while some helped, many people in relationships/ marriage with issues, or who had parenting problems, began to feel like incompetent, inadequate, frightened idiots.


We bought it! The books, lectures, the workshops, the downloads, the programs that promised to give us all the answers, with titles such as “10 WAYS” … to turn her on, turn her off … smoke an oyster, or “The PERFECT” … marriage, relationship, ways to achieve intimacy, find a mate, date, survive. We bought the advice preachers, pulpits, gurus.


Yet, the evidence of guru failure, despite celebrity and multi-millionaire status is everywhere. So many of these paragons of perfection are being de-frocked, dethroned and crumbling like stale bagels  or  more aptly, the walls of Jericho. How many have ridden on the wings of “Ratings through Roaring,” selling stuff they know nothing about, creating shows that “Help” through humiliating those in real or truly tantalizingly bizarre crises, or exploiting celebrity messes; some of whom went from the guru’s “relationship game” to jumping from a rooftop or overdosing?


To paraphrase Network, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”


If you feel as I do … join me in this place, where promises are kept, you are respected, and your relationship, intimacies, and issues are my number one priority.


It’s a good place, a safe place, sometimes a tough one … but know that I’m here for you 100 percent.


Let’s roll!


Warmly, Marnie Macauley