Talk To Me, Darlings (Liveperson)



If you want personal counseling, relationship advice, you can also “talk to” Marnie Macauley directly through Liveperson.


Liveperson is an excellent source of help online. Whether you have questions, issues, problems involving being in a relationship, finding one, keeping one, losing one, communication, parenting, family , sexual questions, the job, self-esteem, confidence, marriage, divorce, dating, intimacy, addictions, grief, career choices and more, MARNIE Macauley is there  to help you move forward with practical strategies you can use TODAY.


SAYS MARNIE … “Not every problem requires years of intensive therapy!  Sofas! Uncaring shrinks taking notes.


“Each of my clients is unique. I work with you to resolve the problem as quickly and effectively as possible –to get you where YOU want to go. No Bob Newhart-Mr. Carlin here. You will leave each session with a plan.


‘With strategies in place and FREE emailing, you can fill me in … and we’re off and running.


“Often good advice, with strategic strategies can solve a problem you’ve been dealing with for years!’


Personally I Love Liveperson.


It allows:

1-     us to talk confidentially;

2-     you to rate your experience;

3-     you to talk with me wherever you are in the world.



No other program allows clients the opportunity to choose, be heard, and make a decision based upon experience with the counselor.



“TALK TO ME … I invite you read my reviews on Liveperson and on Google:



MARNIE cares about you… and your wallet.




Marnie holds the highest rank possible based on client reviews.  Here is a sampling. You can read them all by going to: and clicking on my reviews.



S:                Always outstanding. Always the best advice.


ghfm2013:  So far have had a few sessions with Marnie and she’s helped me not only with past traumas but with current relationship issues, trust, and listening to what I believe is true. I feel great after talking to Marnie. Marnie has been the first person to dive into my trauma and has helped so much to see things I have never been able to see so that I can finally address my fears, anxiety and start living my life for real. She is amazing…real direct and sweet and understanding at the same time. I am so impressed by her that words cannot explain how great she is…I need this…a long time ago…there is no money in the world that is too expensive to get help…you have one life to live…it’s great when you can live it peacefully within yourself. This level of patience and detail is what I needed. I am so grateful. Thank you for helping me shape the beginning of this chapter in my life.



T:                High level she is and high level she stays. Been asking Marnie for advice on a very complicated very non-standard relationship issue. And we’ve come to a point where Marnie’s hunches and insights have proven to be spot on. She’s a pitbull (won’t let go) but a warm and caring one, “biting” to help you. Really helps you “think” about your “thinking.” No crap, to the point with a warm personal approach. Marnie will focus on you so that, whatever the outcome, YOU will come out better. Just great. Just WOW



C:               Very useful. Down to earth, pragmatic, non-judgmental. Got me to open up and made me feel like I left with a practical plan.


User_2tuf24: Marnie is the greatest….she listens and gives great advice. She was spot on with my problems and I feel she is wonderful person. Thanks Marnie


SA:              Marnie gets to the core of your issues with practical and precise solutions. She doesn’t beat around the bush – she asks for specific details and provides informed suggestions about what the issue might be. I’ve been to a few therapists who didn’t seem to get it, but Marnie knows her stuff. I can trust her to help me. She’s very constructive and supportive. Doesn’t waste time, she’s always on your side to help you get to your goal.


CH:             Really great session again, Marnie! You have helped me come very far in just a few short sessions and it has made all the difference! When I needed her most, Marnie was there and there again and again. She listens, and she cuts through to the heart of it all. Amazing!


ZN              helped me through a rough night. Thank you.


M:               Marnie was absolutely great. She cut right into the heart of the problem and came out with awesome ideas how to help me fix them!



J:                Very helpful. Direct, no nonsense approach but in a caring and helfpul manner. As “fun” as therapy could be.


User_udmjf9: Marnie’s the best.


TID:                     Remarkable lady very understanding and give real solutions to life problems and they do work 😉 amazing woman …. extremely helpful and caring and kind and understanding:-) excellent just excellent she is amazing most caring supportive lady I have ever met she’s one of a kind x x x


CH:             Love Marnie, she clears my head and makes me look at the big picture. I will continue to heal.

E:                Very helpful, patient, and looks at the whole picture when evaluating the situation … give specific step by step directions. willing to listen and help you see clearly…motivates you to move forward and make tough decisions.


WS:             Highly intelligent and focused. Provides succinct advice. I shall be back for continued coaching to resolve a life-long issue. I feel as if I have already achieved 90% of the solution after one session.


S:                Marnie is psychic! That’s a sign of a truly amazing therapist. It’s amazing how she just knows you without even meeting you. I love this gal. She helped a million on my first session.


Any/every:   10 stars are not enough for Marnie, wow she REALLY gives her ALL to help in every single aspect of the situation even in parts I overlooked… Words are not enough to explain my gratitude. Thank you for changing my life Marnie, Thank you for giving me my dream


User_nq26xr: I find Marnie extremely helpful in helping me sort out past issues and how they relate to current events. I have gone to “live” counselors and never felt they identify any revelations that Marnie seems to be able to. I have grown leaps and bounds through my discussions with Marnie. Healing can only follow! Soooo good. I cannot even begin to explain the difference Marnie has helped me see.


PN:             Marnie was able to provide me with an enlightened perspective to an issue I’ve been struggling with for almost 2 months in a 35-minute session. She’s great.


NC:             Ms. Macauley’s skills are truly amazing. I have the utmost respect for her. She knows exactly the right questions to ask so that you will come to your own conclusions for your problems and discover yourself in the process. This is the way all therapy should be. Ms. Macauley doesn’t bother with psycho babble and hip terms. She understands you as an individual. She helps you to come to your own conclusions and to solve your problems in a manner that you’re comfortable with. She’s also has a wonderful sense of humor. She’s a joy to talk to.


JC:              The best person I know. INCREDIBLY helpful and full of terrific insight. Absolutely wonderful to work with. Thank you so much, Marnie for all that we have accomplished in our sessions. You are the best.


User_xf5irr:  As usual, outstanding session….Marnie was willing to analyze my background info and use it in our next session…gave concrete steps to follow, things to think about and practical viewpoints to help make situation more understanding…Look forward to next session. She will not waste your time, very helpful. Thanks a lot. Highly recommended.


sedona2011:         The degree of insight Marnie showed was outstanding, and extremely helpful to me as I work through a very difficult situation in my personal life. Highly recommended!


B:                I feel hope now, I cried , I laughed, it was amazing .I really needed to talk to someone that would really listen and help me with intelligent ideas and answers.


P:                Always awesome talking with you!     All I can see is that I’m clearing the ‘demons’ and becoming true to myself. HOORAH to one step forward…:) Marnie IS: POSITIVELY, WONDERFULLY HELPFUL AND TO THE POINT!!! WORTH EVERY CENT OF THE SESSION!


D:               Outstanding! WOW!! She’s absolutely spellbinding. Don’t mean to sound like I’m exaggerating, but I am very impressed with her questions and thoughts. Thank you!


EC:             Very clear, straight advice and no “beating around the bush”. I have been feeling trapped for months, and after speaking with Marnie I can truly say I know how to move forward towards a peaceful life. She’s great!!