The Curly Red-Headed Guru Chick



1)  You’ve had it with blah blah talking head relationship gurus …  who yell at you, or are pushing their new book: “Ten Ways To …”

2)  You love spunk …

3)  Quirk is you …

4)  You refuse to spend half your life and income on some shrink’s sofa ….

                                                                     5)  You consider humor a survival skill  ….






           … been a syndicated advice columnist (Tribune Media)

          … run a prison? (New York City)

          … written a soap opera? (“As the World Turns”)

          … received an Emmy and Writers Guild nomination?

          … starred in relationship pilot? (Discovery network)

          … hosted a radio show? (“Ask Marnie)

          … been the advice maven for Singular Magazine?

          … written over 20 books and calendars, along with hundreds of articles on relationships, intimacy, marriage, parenting, and much more?

          … earned an M.S. degree in Social Work from Columbia University?

          … spoken in front of audiences; live, TV, on radio?

          … been a humor author?

          … published science fiction?

          …  become an established Jewish writer and speaker on Jews, and Jewish culture? has listed Marnie Macauley on their list of top Jewish American writers dead or living.                             (She’s still deciding which.)


Marnie Macauley did it all and more. Just ask her.



“We don’t need fools to make the Rules.”– Marnie Macauley



“Hi and welcome to the M-Zone.


It’s a special place I’ve been living and working in for years.


It’s a place where you won’t hear preaching.  God didn’t cut me in.


It’s a place where you’re a custom job. People aren’t pantyhose. There’s right one-size-fits-all relationship advice that shouldn’t be burned in the basement.


It’s a place where in the M-zone we go for “GOOD ENOUGH” and toss the impossible “perfect.”


It’s a place where I try to come up with a USEFUL not a perfect ANSWER to get you where YOU want to go, your way, through advice, articles, humor, and yes, ebooks. ”



In the matter of unasked for constructive criticism –“Shut Up.” — Marnie Macauley





Both in media and as a therapist, Marnie Macauley has garnered honors and appointments throughout her career.



*As The World Turns script(s) chosen for submission to Blue Ribbon Panel following Emmy nomination, Best Writing, and for the Writers Guild Award, Best Writing

*Blue Ribbon panel member, Emmy Awards.

*Board member, Playwrights Preview Productions.

*Parent-child Workbook and Musical Play, “Meet Melly, Her Color is Mad” received The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

*Brandeis award (speaking), Las Vegas Jewish Center for Education, Media & the Arts

*Gold Award for A Little Joy, A Little Oy, 2008 Calendar, Best Calendar Subject, National/International Calendar Association. Work Named one of

*Top Features on AISH’s Jewlarious site, 2008.  has listed Marnie Macauley on their list of top Jewish-American writers living or dead (she’s deciding which).




*Federal Exemplary Project Award for Pre-Trial Services Institute at which she was Director.

*Member, Criminal Justice Committee to Advisory Council, N.Y.S. Senate.

*VP, State Association of Pre-Trial  Service Agencies

*Board member, National Association of Pre-Trial Service Agencies

*RocklandCounty Headstart and Psychiatric Center Advisory Committee  *Recipient, Judith J. Ginsberg Memorial Award, ColumbiaUniversity.